Servicing your bows near Geneva

Agnès also offers maintenance services to all types of violin, viola, cello and double-bass bows.
The aim is to...

Archets en présentation à l'Atelier Saumagne

Maintain the bow in a good state of play and conservation

Restore pieces that are:

Changing the hair

It is necessary to replace the hair of your bow regularly in order to maintain a high level of precision. Agnès Saumagne uses premium quality horsehair, with no chemical treatment. Just like any other natural material, it is preferable to observe a slow drying process in order to ensure a perfect application and a balanced tension.

Changing bow hair near geneva

As humidity levels vary greatly throughout the year and depending on whether you work in an air-conditioned room or outside, the length of the hair needs to be adjusted to every particular condition. Make sure to let Agnès know!

Tonal adjustments

If you experience issues with hyper-vibration, excessive limpness or heaviness, adjustments may involve:

  • → Checking on the quantity of hair according to the rigidity of the bow
  • → Adjusting weight / balance factors
  • → Redefining the curves
  • → Straightening the bow...

Agnès always begins by measuring the characteristics of your bow and, according to its unique qualities, she suggests an array of solutions. The aim is not to fundamentally alter the qualities and shortcomings of the bow, but to enable specific ways of playing with it.

Agnès Saumagne conseillant une cliente

Readjusting the curve of the bow requires much savoir-faire. It takes place under a source of heat, in the workshop first and with the musician afterwards.