Restoring old violin, viola and cello bows in the spirit of their author

Restoration demands great precision and in-depth knowledge of Old Masters. Agnès’ work is renowned for its accuracy and its capacity to bring forward bows'...

historical aesthetic

patrimonial value

Agnès Saumagne travaillant avec une loupe

Different cases, different interventions

Each restoration offered by Agnès Saumagne is approached with diligence and rigour, with the aim of maximising the conservation of authentic parts according to a bill of specifications established in advance. For example, she may be called to...

Rectify flawed restorations

Tête d'archet Sartory et tête restaurée par AGNES Saumagne

Research is an essential pillar of a restoration that remains in the spirit of the author, of its time, keeping in mind methodologies typical to each bow-maker. When previous restorations have hindered a bow’s authenticity, Agnès’ knowledge is a major asset.

Conceiving new pieces to protect the originals

Bouton Tourte et bouton AGNES Saumagne

It is sometimes preferable to preserve an excessively damaged frog or screw in all its authenticity, and conceive a new piece as a copy of the original in order to recover the functionality of the bow, in a spirit of integrity.

Conserving the sensations of play and balance

hausse d'archet Tourte et hausse AGNES Saumagne

Copying ancient bows is a complex and precise practice. It requires a lot of time and commitment to putting oneself in the Master’s skin in order to reproduce not only the design, but also and most importantly, the sensations of play.

Agnès Saumagne étudiant un archet

“Restoring is also a rediscovery of manual practices: uncovering the traces of tools in a chamfer, the carving of a unique frog, a file that left its mark… It is very moving to reveal these traces and imagine ancient bow-makers at work.”