From violin making school to Stradivariuses

Before opening his own workshop with Agnès Saumagne, Nicolas underwent rigorous training in multiple countries which introduced him to fine restoration.

He keeps himself in the know of the latest violin making techniques to ensure world-class restoration standards.

Nicolas' career path:

Ecole de Lutherie

Mirecourt, France

Nicolas passed his professional certificate in 1989 at the national school of violin making of Mirecourt, the cradle of French violin making

Yann Strick Workshop

Brussels, Belgique

Noticed by Yann Strick, he then perfected his craft in Brussels, first as a workman and then as a foreman

Biteur Workshop

Paris, France

He then assisted Madame Biteur, violin maker in Paris, in sales, tonal adjustments and restoration

Machold Workshop

Bremen, Germany

Recruited in the international team of Marcel Richters in Bremen, his dexterity promptly stood out and he earnt the priviledge to work on the most prestigious instruments, including from the long classical Italian period

Wilder and Davis Workshop

Montreal, Canada

Nicolas undertook a restoration mission on a Grancino cello

Member of the Aladfi

Association of Violin Makers and Bow Makers for the Development of Instrumental Craftsmanship

This affiliation enables countless exchanges with his colleagues and expands his horizon

Opening of the Saumagne Workshop

La Roche-sur-Foron, France

He opens his own workshop in 1996 with Agnes Saumagne, bow maker, in a bright and inspiring location

Recognised as an Arts Craftsman

By the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat

Certified EPV

Living Heritage Company

In 2008, the values of the Saumagne Workshop are rewarded by this prize inspired by the 'national living treasures' of Japan