AGNES bows - bespoke violin, viola and cello bows

Entirely handmade in the purest tradition of French bow making, each piece is unique. Agnes Saumagne creates fine violin, viola and cello bows in modern, baroque and classical style.

Agnès Saumagne archetière inspirée par Peccatte, Pageot, Tourte, Adam, Vigneron, Sartory

Bows between heritage...

Inspired by the greatest masters of French bow making such as Peccatte, Pageot, Tourte but also Adam, Vigneron, Sartory, Lamy and Simon… Agnes' bows are in keeping with this prestigious heritage.

... and high precision

The choice of materials and patina techniques confers a unique character to new bows and create the illusion of historic bows.

Creations inspired by historic bows

" A bow ought to be the extension of the musician's arm. Musicians nourish themselves from the bow's energy to offer character to their sounds, to translate their sensitivity into music. The bow must also exalt the sound of the instrument and become the artist's musical partner: reassuring often but also challenging, sometimes. "

Agnes Saumagne's creations or copies are signed with a branding iron and handed with their certificates of authenticity.

A rigorous knowledge of materials

The creation of a bow follows the careful examination of the musician's needs and desires: the bow maker must be able to interpret the demands in terms of precision and ease of play, and to choose the right materials and techniques.

hausse en ébène Agnes Saumagne

AGNES ebony frog

montage or Agnès

AGNES gold ferrule

Boton baroque en tagua ivoire végétal Agnes Saumagne

Baroque button in tagua, vegetal ivory

Agnès Saumagne observant un archet